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EvolveImpact System
How to Lead Authentically and Holistically
Blueprint Call

"Yes, show me your system for helping organizational leaders to regain their teams’ trust without pretending to be someone else or flip-flopping between being tough and being inclusive."

I understand that on this call I will discover a simple system for...
  • Feeling radically alive as an authentic leader
  • Creating win-win solutions with your team
  • Activating your Unique Leadership
  • Evolving communication with cutting edge techniques
  • WITHOUT endless team-building activities
  • WITHOUT choosing between leading with head and leading with heart
  • and WITHOUT relying on external consultants

EvolveImpact Blueprint Call

Check out our availability and book the date and time that works for you


Your EvolveImpact Coach
David Cicerchi

David Cicerchi is a certified Leadership Maturity Coach with over 15 years of working with leaders and teams in corporate and non-profit organizations to develop more authenticity and implement integrative solutions for whole systems flourishing.  With a Master's degree in Organizational Development and Leadership, as well as a Black Belt in Aikido, he is well trained in body, mind, and heart to promote whole systems flourishing.

Kim Grose Moore

Executive Director,

GRIP Training Institute

"David has been great to work with. In a few short coaching sessions, he has helped me to see my leadership style with a whole new perspective, gain motivation for stretching to new forms of leadership, and integrate prior experiences and learning. He is caring and optimistic, and I come out of each interaction with him feeling more creative and excited about my own development and capacity to contribute in the world."

Veer Peesari

Sr. Quality Manufacturing Project Manager,

Enel X Way 

"My professional growth, particularly in Vertical development and overall professional development, was significantly influenced by David's guidance and mentorship. Not only is he a pleasure to work with, but he's also a trustworthy colleague and an inspiring figure. Without reservation, I wholeheartedly recommend David to any organization."

Anthony D.

President & CEO,

Swagelok Northern California

"David has a strong passion for helping people unlock their potential as individuals and as leaders. His contribution to our organization over the last couple of years has led to material improvements for our team members and our organization. His deep understanding of personal development enables him to create plans that are unique to the individual, providing them with the insights and tools to accelerate their development."
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